Shadowrun - Riverside

Just a Job...

Introduction - Gary's Character

I hate the rain. The smell. How it brings back up everything that you had hoped the last rain would wash away. We send all that pollution up to the sky or down the drain because we don’t want it. And what does the rain do? Just bring it right back to us and shove it anywhere the water can flow. Like into my apartment. Well, it did until last week when we had 2 gloriously consecutive days of sun and I had that handful of plaster I traded for. That’s one of the things I miss most about the Army. Maybe we didn’t spend much time in barracks, but when we did they were clean and dry. I hope that plaster finished setting before the rain came back. I’ll try to check it after my shift. That reminds me. I better get cleaned up before it starts in two hours….

….It can be tough trying to find that middle ground between victim and hunter when you are nearly 2 full meters of ork. Ok, so I’m built more compact than the average ork, but most humans don’t look close enough to notice that distinction. Make sure the under-armor is concealed. Be sure I don’t automatically put military creases when I iron my uniform. Maybe iron a wrinkle into the shirt instead of out. Need to look clumsy not careless. Baton on my hip. Make sure I have my ‘Dick Castle’ commlink and ID instead of the other to keep the cover active….

…“Good morning, Mr. Cho. How’s the family?” At least this time he responded. Being waved away is better than being ignored. “Ok, Mr. Cho, well you have a good day, too. Thanks. See you later.” Keep moving. Mall security is definitely not the most glamorous job. Of course, since I want to keep a low profile glamorous is not my best choice.
“Drek.” Now how do I warn off those gangers without making a big production or turning it into a fight? They seem to be paying too much attention to that corp slummer and the cred stick he’s using to impress his too cute ‘companion’. If I stay near him they’ll just pick a new target. What I want is for them to leave….
I know. I need a drink. Something sticky with a lid that doesn’t fit right. There we go. A SLAMMER! cola should fit the bill. Just gotta’ make this quick….
…Seriously?! $6 for a small?! So much for my employee discount. Alright. This shouldn’t be too difficult. It’s been used in trid since trid was flat. What was it they called it back then? Sin…sinner…sinenema…I don’t remember. Here we go….
Struggle with my lid….
Fumble the drink…..
Spill it on them…“Oh, my…I’m so sorry. Look at them mess I’ve made. Here, let me clean that up.” Remove that pistol in his waistband…..“No, sir, I’m not trying to get kinky with you. I’m trying to help you. Sir, there’s no need for that kind of language in a family place like this. Let me just help you. Don’t get upset, sir. I’m just trying to clean up the mess I made.”
Don’t make any direct eye contact…..“Here, sir, I’ve got a couple more napkins.”
Be too dumb to notice them staring you down…..“Ok, sir, well I hope this won’t ruin your feelings about our fine mall. Thank you for your business. Have a great day, sir.”
Go about my way….

Another ‘exciting’ day at work. Now to get a work out in before I get…(his commlink flashes in his view to get his attention)..“Who’s calling this number? Hello? Oh. Hi, Mindy. How’s business? What? No, I’m still not interested in babysitting crooked corp execs who want to go slumming for the thrill of watching their guards beatdown on random gangers. Wait. Mr. Yakamoto said what? How did he even know we work together? Drek! I can’t pay the full amount that soon. I’m barely able to cover the weekly vig so it doesn’t get me killed. Fine. I’ll go to this thing tonight. No, It’s not a date. It’s work. Yes, I’m sure we’ll see each other there. No, it’s not a…”
She hung up. I need to find a way to make some change to calm Mr. Yakamoto. Even a low profile isn’t protection from the Yakuza when you owe them money. What time did that invite say….


Malveris Malveris

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