And It Came to Pass

Shadowrun has a unique and complicated history, so I thought I would give you the breakdown of pertinent information.


A 3-month truckers’ strike causes food riots in New York. A Seretech truck hauling infectious medical waste on Staten Island is attacked by a mob in the mistaken belief that it carries food. Seretech security forces use lethal force to protect it. Twenty Seretech employees and 200 rioters are killed. The Supreme Court’s Seretech Decision upholds Seretech’s actions as responsible for saving thousands of lives, rather than costing hundreds.


Scientists are surprised to discover a distinct new species of ferret in North America. Dubbed the Century Ferret due to the time of discovery, it is later concluded to be a “Spike Baby”, a premature awakening. November: George W Bush is elected as the 43rd President of the United States.


The Shiawase court decision establishes extraterritoriality for megacorps when a radical eco-group called TerraFirst! attacked a Shiawase nuclear power plant. Though the attack was repelled, the corporation used the incident to convince the Supreme Court that major multinational corporations need the ability to protect themselves. To this end, the Supreme Court granted major companies extraterritoriality. (TerraFirst! manages later to acquire evidence that the attack was in fact a setup with the intent to force the courts into granting sovereignty. However, before the group can act on said information, their headquarters are destroyed and key members killed in what is considered to be one of the first shadowruns.) Terrorists attack the USA, flying planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. US passes PATRIOT Act, forerunner of SARER Act of 2009. US Invades Iraq and Afghanistan


Libya attacks Israel with chemical weapons. Nuclear meltdown at Dungeness in Kent (England) creates a localized irradiated zone. November: George W Bush re-elected as President of the United States. A group of disenfranchised republican and democrat voters unite in a new party defined by equality and technology, called the Technocratic Party. They push for direct democracy and transparency in government.


Israel retaliates against Libya with nuclear weapons. Libya is left a nuclear wasteland. US withdraws the bulk of its troops from Iraq and Afghanistan under nuclear threat. A major earthquake hits New York City on 12 August 2005, killing 200,000 and causing 200 billion in damage. It will take the city over 40 years to rebuild. United Nations moves to Geneva, Switzerland. After some debate, the East Coast Stock Exchange abandons rebuilding efforts, and moves the stock exchange to Boston, narrowly beating out Chicago. Conservative government in the United Kingdom establishes regional parliaments in Scotland and Wales. Japanese megacorps push the Republic of Korea into a war with the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea


January: DPRK launches a nuclear attack at Japan, but the missiles do not reach their targets. Technical difficulties are blamed. In response, Japanese troops invade. October: DPRK is overrun by Japanese and United Nation forces, and the last government forces are removed. November: Japan proclaims former Korean lands part of the Japanese Imperial State.


Growing instability in South America leads several cartels to band together, purchasing a resource development company, and using new corporate law to turn it into a major corporate player in the drug trade. The United States, United Nations and others refuse to recognize the extraterritoriality of the new corporation, given its roots. The growing company is renamed ORO, which is Spanish for gold, and also incorporates the initials of the three cartel heads: Ortega, Ramos and Ortiz. Remember the name ORO, you’ll be hearing a lot about them later.


After a full year of campaigning, voting is split between three parties (Republican, Democrat, and Technocrat). Barack Obama is narrowly defeated, and Jesse Garrety (Republican) is elected as the 45th President of the United States. William Jefferson Jarman is his Vice-President. The Technocrat party gains enough votes to be allowed a place on the ballot in future American elections. Valuable deposits are discovered off the coast of Panama, where the government had recently toppled, leaving ORO in charge and giving the corporation exclusive rights to the minerals, including a deposit of molybdenum like nothing ever before discovered.

2009: The Resource Rush

With their new freedom, the corporations of North America increased their exploitation of the continent’s resources with a vengeance- In what the media dubbed ’The Resource Rush,’ corporate coalitions demanded and were given access to oil, mineral, and land resources on federal lands. Again and again during the years of 2002-2009, the government invoked the right of Eminent Domain to bring property under federal control, only to license its exploitation to a corporate sponsor. Taking the brunt of these land grabs were Indian reservations and the federal parks system.

Conservationists and Indians-rights groups expressed shock and disgust at the treatement, although growing corporate power and paramilitary nature of corporate security made it dangerous to object. Angry and frustrated, the more radical elements of the groups founded the Soverign American Indian Movement (SAIM), whose roots traced back into the Indians rights struggles of the early twentieth century.

The growing tension and hatred finally erupted on May 5th, 2009. On May 5th, United Petrochemical and Oil announced that it had acquired rights to oil resources on the remaining one-quarter of Federal parklands, and the last tenth of Indian-held reservations, which the federal government had just confiscated. SAIM reacted immediately, and a small band of trained commandos entered the Shiloh Launch Facility in northwest Montana, capturing the silo with little trouble. John Redbourne, a full-blooded Dakota Sioux and a USAF Major, led the attack and took the launch codes from the commander of the facility.

The Lone Eagle Incident

Issuing demands for the unilateral return of all sovereign Indian land, the Shiloh commandos threatened to launch the entire inventory of the silos’ missiles. Ten days of tense negotiations between the federal government and the commandos ended when a team of Delta Forcehit the silo, recapturing it and killing all of the AIM troops as well as the facility staff, who had been taken as hostages. Although the raid was successful in recapturing the silo, Redbourne was successful in launching one of the missiles toward Russia.

NORAD command in Cheyenne Mountain watched helplessly as the missile headed for mainland Russia. All attempts to divert the missile or cause it to self-destruct were unsuccessful. F16s were scrambled to intercept, as a last resort, although calculations showed they would never get into position in time. The government was evacuated in a panic as the President was staring down the barrel of being responsible for the start of a nuclear WWIII.

Although denying responsibility for the launch, President Jesse Garrety informed Russian President Dmitri Medvedev and PM Vladimir Putin of the missile personally, and gave the Russian government of the possible targets of the warheads. This information allowed the Russian government to use ballistic defenses to knock down most of the missiles before they detonated, averting a global nuclear war.

Politicians were understandably skeptical of Washington’s assurance that the Lone Eagle was an isolated incident, and not some ploy to make a surgical strike against Russian troops, and the military is put on high alert. Citizens of the former Soviet Republic were ordered into fallout shelters as Russian troops prepared for an invasion of Europe on a scale not seen since the 1940s.

President Garrety waited anxiously, and was later shown in ‘Bunker Tapes’ as he alternately wept, ranted, and prayed until he was contacted two hours later by Russian General Nikolai Chelenko that the warheads had been stopped. Although no readings recorded nuclear explosions, voice stress analysis of Chelenko’s voice showed only a 70% probability that he spoke the truth. Although the Lone Eagle warheads failed to explode, there was definite fallout from the incident.

Blame Falls

When the American public learned of the Lone Eagle Incident, through a leaked document to the Washington Post, the outcry was enormous. Goaded by corporate propagandists with a definite agenda, the people began to blame SAIM, and by extension all American Indians.

With heavy corporate pressure and the public whipped up into a frenzy, American Congress passed the ‘Sovereign American Re-Education and Relocation Act of 2009’ (SARER) by near unanimous margin, and the American Senate was quick to follow suit, which was swiftly signed by President Garrety into law; Canadian Parliament passed the Nepean Act with similar swiftness. These new laws called for the confinement of anyone connected in any way to SAIM. Abuses of the law were rampant, as the Lone Eagle Incident and its implications had fanned general hatred of American Indians. Thousands of innocent American Indians were sent to concentration camps, euphemistically called ‘Re-Education Centers.’ Among these thousands was Daniel Coleman, known to history as Daniel Howling Coyote. Facing fallout of the financial crisis caused by the housing collapse, American troops were withdrawn from wars abroad, and budget cutting left the management of reeducation camps contracted to the very megacorporations that had pushed for them in the first place. As the camps dropped out of the media spotlight, overcrowding, poor sanitation, and insufficient medical care began to plague the inmates of the camps. Many residents of these camps claim deliberate and systematic attempts to commit genocide against American Indians, but in one of the great ironies of history, the population of these camps was spared the worst of the VITAS because of their enforced isolation. Dec 14, 2009: Death of Victoria II leads to the crowning of King Charles III in Westminster Abbey.

2010 – VITAS

Virally Induced Toxic Allergy Syndrome (VITAS) first diagnosed in New Dehli, India. Early cases were reported amongst the poorest people of the city, but within hours of the first case, more cases were being reported further downriver, and within days it had spread to half of India. Refugees fleeing the plague crossed into China, Pakistan, and southeast Asia, as well as leaving the country by plane and boat- carrying the very plague they sought to escape to every corner of the globe. Within weeks, the worst epidemic since the black plague had spread to every area of the world. Information breakdown caused by disease and panic makes precise reporting impossible, but an estimated one quarter of the world’s population of 7 billion people, or 1,750,000,000 people were dead from the disease by Dec 31st, 2010.

The fatalities were concentrated in outlying areas where there was little medical treatment, and population centers where medical supplies were insufficient. Third-world countries and areas which has spent decades embroiled in war were particularly hard-hit.

The Yakuza of Seattle is given official recognition as the Dungeness Crabs of the 87th Prefecture by the oyabun of the Watada-rengo in Chiba, Japan. This approval of and support for their activities allows the Seattle Yakuza to grow rapidly and expand its operations. In Vatican City, Pope John Paul II dies of the VITAS plague. He is succeeded by archconservative Cardinal Vitali who takes the name Pius IX. Keruba and BMW start the first megacorporate war, decimating each other. This inspired other AAA’s to invest in defenses, set a precedent of no-holds-barred fighting for corporate war, and taught the world that corporate war was bad for everyone’s business. In conjunction with the chaotic repercussions of the Awakening inspired, this would lead to the formation of the ICC. BMW bought by Michel Beloit, who would make it the premier industrial power of Europe by incorporating Saeder Munitions and Krupp Manufacturing. October 31: Quebec secedes from Canada, forming an independent nation.

2011- The Year of Chaos

Beginning in Jan 2011, the Mexican government falls to a violent coup de etat. Several sources blame the ‘thug’ security forces of the ORO Corporation. Unexplained Genetic Expression (UGE) – Babies bearing a close resemblance to Elves and Dwarves are born across the world. Widely believed to be a foreshadowing of The Awakening. Pope Pius XI denounces metahumans as abominations in the eyes of God. England’s Sizewell B nuclear power station suffers critical meltdown, resulting in a total death count of 17,000. A nuclear power plant in Dounreay, Scotland suffers a meltdown, creating the Scottish Irradiated Zone. July: Operation Discovery, an 8-man NASA Mars Mission, makes planetfall and begins its survey. This is the last of NASA’s Missions under the USA Federal Government. Dec 24: The Awakening The great eastern dragon, Ryumyo, is sighted flying over Mt. Fuji, the first dragon seen by mankind in the modern age. Under the cover of a fierce storm, Daniel Howling Coyote leads a walk-out of the Abilene Reeducation camp. Although guards fired repeatedly upon him, none of the shots hit, and he leads his people into the storm, leaving no trace. The operations module of Operation Discovery crashes on Mars, killing 5 of the 8 astronauts. The remaining three astronauts die before they can be rescued. Dec 26: Ley lines and standing stones re-emerge all over Britain. First sighting of the great Welsh dragon, Celedyr, in Caerleon.


Jan 27: The great western dragon Dunkelzahn’s first appearance at Cherry Creek Lake in Denver, the first Great Dragon Sighting in North America. Great Dragon Dunkelzahn grants an exclusive 12-hour interview with Holly Brighton during which he explains The Awakening. The great western dragon, Lofwyr, appears in Germany and overnight becomes a powerful corporate player. March 30th: , in Vatican City, a Papal Bull is issued confirming Pope Pius IX’s position against metahumans and further denouncing all things magical as “unholy and ungodly by their very nature.” Increasing numbers of American Indians flee Detention camps, beginning a guerilla war against the US Army and corporate security forces contracted to bring them into custody. Captured soldiers claim to be participating in ‘The Great Ghost Dance.’ England’s King Charles III abdicates in favor of his only surviving son, William (briefly King William the V), who in turn abdicates in favor of his young son George, who becomes King George the VII. Formation of Hildebrandt-Kleinfort-Bernal (HKB) megacorporation in England, an increasingly major power in world financial affairs. November: Jesse Garrety and William Jarman are reelected as President and Vice-President of the United States. Democratic nominee Barack Obama blames the Technocratic party for splitting the vote.


Under threat of strike and owner lockout, the MLBA is near-collapse when the sports teams are purchased by Nicholas Aurelius, CEO of the megacorporation Ares Industries. Some resist purchase, but within the next five years, baseball becomes the property of ARES Industries. BMW purchases European soccer and hockey teams, creating an international league unrivaled by any other holdings. Japancorps gobble up remaining sports teams, including soccer and hockey in the US. Using many Mexican refugees, the sports grow in popularity and allow Japancorps a foothold in US homes. First televised Combat Biker match (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) touted as “a sport independent of corporate machinery,” it becomes increasingly popular through word of mouth and a grassroots campaign. In Vatican City, Pope Pius IX dies in his sleep. He is replaced by a moderate Brazilian cardinal who takes the name John XXV. Despite this change in power, several Irish Catholic bishops who had refused to accept John Paul IV’s denouncement of metahumans, break from the Catholic Church and instead go on to form the Church of Ireland, a small splinter church.

2014: Native American Nations

· Jan 26th, 2014: After almost three years gathering support among the tribes, Daniel Coleman (Daniel Howling Coyote) makes a proclamation of sovereignty from the Kickapoo Indian Reservation near Eagle Pass, Texas. Howling Coyote, calling himself “The Shaman of the Great Ghost Dance” declared the lands of North America the property of Native Indian tribes, and demanded the immediate withdrawal of all persons of European, African, or Asian descent.

It is thought that Howling Coyote took advantage of the Mexican government instability to establish allies there, although there are rumors of groups in the US also sheltering the man and giving aid.

US government sees an opportunity to strike and remove the head of the guerilla resistance movement that has plagued them, and send in the Marines. Using F-16s from Luke Air Force Base in Arizona, and a crew of ground support from Forth Hood in Texas, the US hopes to end this threat once and for all. Freak weather (described as tornados by eyewitnesses) destroys the F-16s before they arrive. The Sixth Air Cavalry from Fort Hood is similarly destroyed, and by the time more forces can be mustered, the Kickapoo lands are completely deserted.

· The US establishes Eagle Pass Army Base in the newly annexed town of Piedras Negras, Mexico, to control the area and deal with the troubles across the US-Mexico border.

· February 3rd: While jokes are making the late-night circuit about ‘the Madman Indian Prophet’ and his dire threats and predictions, and the inevitable comparisons to Nostradamus, Redondo Peak erupts in New Mexico, burying the city of Los Alamos in ash. Howling Coyote makes a statement from the nearby Zuni Reservation and Internment camp, taking credit for the eruption. In the video, streamed for free on the internet and pushed into cable channels by hackers, Daniel Howling Coyote announces the formation of the Native American Nations, and the Sovereign Tribal Council to govern them.

· Feburary28th: Emboldened by the strength of American Indians, and using new magical resources, the Irish Republican Army step up bombings and other criminal activity in Ireland and England, straining the police and military resources.

· Guerrilla warfare erupts across the US, embarrassing US soldiers and corporate security forces, which fight a losing battle with untrained NAN terrorists. The campaign of terror is covered up by US Government, until the entire campaign is leaked by a hacker known only as The Artful Dodger.

· September: Following this reign of magically enhanced terrorist activity, the governments of the U.K. and Eire sign the ‘Treaty of Galway’ establishing the United Free Republic of Ireland. Provisions of the treaty demand that the Irish Republican Army have no place in the new government.

2015: Aztlan

May 5: Francisco Pavón of the Azatlán party becomes first directly elected president of Mexico since the fall of the old government in 2011. Mexico becomes Aztlan, backed by ORO corporation (Aztechnology). <<told>> Embarrassed by the leak and fighting a decline in popularity, President Garrety makes overtures about negotiation with the Native American Nations, although this is seen mainly to be appeasing the terrorists. Anti-Native sentiment continues to grow. Hong Kong breaks free from mainland China and proclaims independence. The British government uses its remaining influence in the country influence to protect Hong Kong, used by several megacorporations with interests in the area. The British government takes much negative press over the incident. Schism splits the Irish Republican Army (IRA) into two factions: the Provisional IRA (led by Liam O’Connor, a “spike baby” elf) and the Official IRA. The Provisional IRA is incorporated into the state security apparatus, where it counters Protestant paramilitaries, and is renamed the Tir Republican Corps (TRC).

2016: Indian War

· Jan 20th: Frustrated by deliberate stalling of US authorities, Daniel Howling Coyote (as the head of the Sovereign Tribal Council and the Native American Nation), declares war on the United States of America.

· March 5th, 2016: Jesse Truman Garrety, president of the United States, is assassinated by William Springer, who uses magics unknown to escape capture.

· March 6th: Assassinations of Russian President Nikolai Chelenko, British Prime Minister Lena Rodaie, and Israeli Prime Minister Chaim Schon are announced. No credible group claims credit.

· March 6th: William Jefferson Jarman is sworn in as President of the United States of America. His first act as president is to issue Executive Order 17-231, declaring all persons of American Indian descent to be combatants in the war, and calling for the internment or execution of all enemies of the United States.

Less than a month after Executive Order 17-231, Congress declares War on the Native American Nation, a country that they do not recognize. The Resolution Act of 2016 is passed by near-unanimous consent in both House and Senate. This act authorizes withdrawal of security for North American Indian tribes, and treats them as enemy combatants in wartime. Essentially, the act declares the extermination of all American Indian persons, whether or not they are participating in the campaign.

Delays plague the operation stemming from the Resolution Act. The Pentagon goes through a time of great upheaval as the Commander in Chief continues to call for war without delay, and freak weather at bases around the world continue to delay troop movement and damage equipment. Minor skirmishes between US and NAN forces are brutal and bloody.

· Unknown to the US forces, the Indians were also making great preparations for War, Daniel Howling Coyote and his fellow shamans gathering to teach any who could learn the ritual of the Great Ghost Dance.

· During this time of great upheaval, not everyone was suffering. Record weapons sales, both government and private, net a banner year for megacorporations.

· ARES purchases NASA from the US, who are in desperate need of a cash influx during this time of war. This purchase includes all staff, facilities, and equipment- including existing satellites. The sale contract gives the US government an option to reabsorb the space agency in 2055.

· Transocean-BP Oil Carrier Deepwater Horizon sinks off of Scotland, polluting the North Sea. This area is cordoned off by the Scottish and British Governments. BP pays billions in reparations, and is forced to clean the area, known as the Scottish Fringe Toxic Zone.

2017: The Great Ghost Dance

· Aztlan joins the Sovereign Tribal Council, and becomes a part of the NAN.

· Finally giving up the ideal of attacking with all the US forces, Jarman agrees to use the army piecemeal, only minor movements. With troops and equipment in place, the US Government finally readies itself to enforce the Resolution Act of 2016. Go command is given to attack on August 17th.

· Aug 17: At precisely 10:32 am Pacific Standard Time, Mount Hood, Mount Ranier, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Adams all have volcanic eruptions simultaneously. Daniel Howling Coyote and the Sovereign Tribal Council claim responsibility for the attack, and no one dare question them now. Although minor skirmishes continue with forces over the next six months, the Federal governments of the United States, Canada, and representatives of the UN agree to meet with the NAN leaders. Denver is set as the meeting place for the summit.

2018: Treaty of Denver

· January: Meeting in Denver: Prime Minister Jane McDonald of Canada, President William Jefferson Jarman of the US, Daniel Howling Coyote of the NAN, and the rest of the Sovereign Tribal council: Francisco Pavón (Aztlan), Carlos Estefan (Pueblo), Akecheta Firehandler (Sioux), and Tavaci Smith (Ute), with Shiro Watanabe representing the UN (and Japan megacorp interests).

· March: After three months of negotiation, The Treaty of Denver resolves the dispute between the North American governments and the Native American Nations. Denver is divided between the US and four members of the NAN: Aztlan, Pueblo, Sioux, and Ute. Denver and the surrounding territory becomes the Front Range Free Zone, a technically sovereign state governed by the Council of Denver.

· Seattle designated as a ‘Free City,’ with extraterritoriality from the NAN.

· California given to the US as part of a mediation by Watanabe.

· Dr Hosato Hikita, of ESP systems, Chicago develops Artificial Sensory Induction System Technology (ASIST): the combination of hardware, software, and wetware necessary for Direct Neural Interfacing to machines—allowing someone to experience realistic artificial sensations for every sense. The entertainment industry immediately seizes on this technology.

· Civil war in China results in yet another fractured nation: Manchuria, Xinjiang, Guangxi, and the Canton Confederation are the result. Infighting continues for decades.

· The aging spaceplane America disintegrates in orbit on a routine mission, crashing in the town of Longreach, Australia and killing 200. ARES mothballs remaining NASA ships, rebuilding the system from the ground up.

· Chicago Cubs win World Series at 300:1 odds.


· In the first successful attachment of a cyberlimb, violinist Leonora Bartoli receives a replacement hand after an accident. The cyberlimb is completely autonomous, controlled by Bartoli’s brain and powered by movement and her own musculo-nervous system.

· The Red Dragon Association, controlled by Great Dragon Lung, becomes Hong Kong’s most powerful triad, eliminating almost all competition in the city.

· Ayatollah of Iran declares ad Jihad against metahuman races, calling for use of any and all weapons necessary, including nuclear ones, “to burn this uncleanness from the Earth.”


· The Great Dragon Aden destroys city of Tehran and most of the surrounding countryside with fire, in response to the Ayatollah’s declaration of jihad against the metahuman races.

· Working to overcome the America spaceplane disaster, ARES relaunches its NASA space program, with all new hardware, called “Apollo.”

2021: Goblinization

Sheila Blatavska establishes the Atlantean Foundation. Apr 30: Goblinization strikes 10% of the world population. Martial law, concentration camps in the US. Yomi Island (Philippines) in the Japanese Empire. England’s King George VII is declared dead, rumors persist that he was killed when he began changing into a troll.

2022: VITAS 2

Race riots occur around the world. Electronic news mag Data coins the term “Awakened”. VITAS 2 claims another 10%. Cuba, Jamaica, Grenada, Bermuda and the Virgin Islands join together to form the Caribbean League. Los Angeles is rocked by gang warfare, eventually suppressed by National Guardsmen. The city’s worst slums are walled off, soon renamed “El Infierno” by local residents. The Internetwork Transmission Control Council (ITCC) is formed from the remains of the FCC as a self-regulating oversight body for the responsible management of the communications industry. This comes to include the networks that made up the Internet as well as the content. (mat.13)

2023: Metahuman rights

Humanis Policlub founded. The ICC moves to the Freedom space habitat, renames itself the Corporate Court, and grants itself authority over all extraterritorial corporations. US Supreme Court grants equal rights to metahumans. Riots over hoarded VITAS 2 serum level the Los Angeles neighborhood of Watts. In Fatima, Portugal, during a visit by Pope John XXV, a new apparition of the Virgin Mary appears before thousands of witnesses. This event reinforces the Pope’s declaration against metahumans and further pushes the Portuguese Catholic community into a conservative mindset. (Shadows of Europe)

2024: First commercial simsense.

After a prolonged succession dispute, George Edward Richard Windsor-Hanover becomes King George VIII in England. Pope John XXV issues ‘In Imago Dei’ encyclical: Metahumans have souls and are capable of salvation. Magical abilities are not inherently evil. Spirits are manifestations of nature (gray area). The U.S. presidential election is held across the Internet for the first time, using the experimental remote-vote system.

2025: Lone Star and Seattle

UCLA establishes the first undergraduate program in occult studies. Lone Star takes over law enforcement in Seattle. The United Kingdom Constitution Act is passed in the United Kingdom, creating the office of Lord Protector.

2026: NERPS!

Texas A&M and MIT both add occult studies, and rename themselves as Texas AM&M (Agriculture, Medicine, and Magic) and MIT&T (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Thaumaturgy). The Mafia Commissione appoints Brian O’Malley from Milwaukee as the head of the Finnigan family and Don of Seattle, and assigns him to deal with the problem of the Yakuza in the metroplex. Oxford and Edinburgh Universities establish Batchelor of Science degrees in occult studies. World Combat Cyclists League (WCCL) founded. Combat Biker becomes a major sport.

2027: Fusion power

Desperate to alleviate water shortages, the Los Angeles Power and Water Company pioneers the first use of cold fusion technology, which produces fresh water from salt water as a by-product. The Lord Protector’s office (England) drafts the Magical Practitioners Registration Bill, which Parliament passes into law.

2028: A major earthquake hits Los Angeles, destroying LAX

Cambridge institutes a magical studies program. Britain withdraws from the European Economic Community (EEC).

2029: The big computer crash

Sony Cybersystems, Fuchi Industrial Electronics, and RCA-Unisys develop prototype cyberterminals. CIA, FBI, and NSA begin Echo Mirage project. The Salish-Shidhe Council (SSC) opens its borders to all metahumans (not just Native Americans). The Sinsearach elf tribe is founded in the southern region. Feb 8: the Crash Virus of 2029 cripples computers worldwide. Aug: Presidential emergency order drafts corporate and university hackers into Echo Mirage to combat the virus.

2030: UCAS

Ghoul nation of Asamando founded in Africa. Oct 15: Act of Union signed in Washington D.C.; Canada and the USA merge into the UCAS. Awakened forces in Russia seize Siberia. Brian O’Malley is shot and killed in his home by Yakuza assassins. A retaliatory hit the next day kills the Yakuza oyabun responsible, along with his lieutenants. Losses on both sides of the Mafia/Yakuza conflict result in a truce. Patrick Finnigan becomes Capo of his family and the Don of Seattle.

A New World Order (2031-2040)

2031: Euro-War

Beginning of the Euro-Wars. Late: Echo Mirage finishes off the virus (7 survivors) second-generation cyberterminals are desk-sized. James O’Malley, capo of Milwaukee and Brian’s older brother, becomes obsessed with revenge against the Yakuza. He neglects his city’s operations so dramatically that the Commissione strips him of his position and forces him to retire. 2032: Eurowar I Eurowar I : Poland surrenders to Russia. Eurowar I : Russian troops attack Berlin. Eurowar I : Great Britain deploys troops in Netherlands and Flanders. Olympic Games are cancelled. A consortium of Corporate Court members, Ares, Aztechnology, BMW, JRJ International, Mitsuhama, Renraku and Shiawase, takes over Global Financial Services. The Corporate Court involves itself in the reconstruction of worldwide communications lines, known as the Matrix. Michel Beloit, head of BMW, dies. His widow Wilhelmina Graff-Beloit becomes Chairman of the Board. A dozen large Filipino and Japanese companies merge to form Yamatetsu. 28 September – Lone Star Security Services is granted extraterritoriality. UCAS government grants Lone Star Security Services a contract to privatize the Drug Enforcement Agency duties. The UCAS’ American Medical Association establishes rule for the medical use of magic. Creation of the Technocratic Party in the UCAS. 2 November – UCAS President Andrew McAlister is re-elected in the first election held since the creation of the UCAS. The Human-Metahuman Vampiric Virus is isolated. The Corporate Court takes over the ITCC, placing RTG regulation firmly in its jurisdiction. The name of the authority is changed to the Corporate Court Matrix Authority (CCMA). Baseball becomes the first major league sport to allow cyberware 2033: Nightwraith strikes, Nanosecond Buyout Jan 23: Nightwraith airstrike. Fighter-bombers attack key C&C centers on all sides of the Euro-Wars, bringing the fighting to a screeching halt. Whodunit? Swedish air surveillance implies that the aircraft were of U.K. origin, but this is denied by the government. Nanosecond Buyout: Damien Knight takes control of Ares. To rebuild gumis nearly crippled in the conflicts with the Mafia, the Japanese Yakuza send a new upper echelon of Koreans to Seattle. These Korean leaders begin aggressively reclaiming lost territory. 2034: Amazonia, CAS, Tir Na nOg, Fuchi rising Amazonia founded. CAS secede from the UCAS. Aztlan withdraws from the STC and the NAN. South Florida joins the Caribbean League. Richard Villiers becomes one-third of Fuchi Industrial Elec. May: Matrix Systems, Boston, releases first gray-market cyberterminal. Jun: Matrix Systems suffers a computer crash and its two primary shareholders die in “unrelated accidents” Jul: Richard Villiers, the remaining majority shareholder, buys into Fuchi with the Matrix Systems technology. Dec 25: formation of Tir na nOg announced. 2035: Tir Tairngire Mar: Liam O’Connor becomes State President of Tir na nOg. The Ceneste branch of the Sinsearach elves establish the elven nation of Tir Tairngire (TT). TT secedes from the NAN. Lugh Surehand appointed High Prince of TT. Tsimshian secedes from the NAN. Aztlan invades Texas, capturing the cities of Austin and San Antonio. The CAS refuses to support Texan resistance, causing Texas to secede (briefly, they were re-admitted 4 months later). 2036: California Free State UCAS President McAlister withdraws all federal support from California after they threaten secession. Seeya! Tir Tairngire invades south to Redding. Aztlan invades north to San Diego. Japan takes control of San Francisco. Alamos 20,000 claims responsibility for the firebombing of a town in rural Ohio, their first public atrocity. 20 people (mostly metahuman) die. 14th Amendment to the UCAS Constitution: SINs. Fuchi markets 3rd-generation cyberdeck, desktop CDT-1000. Akiko Kano and Arthur White-Eagle earn the Nobel Prize for the “Kano-White Eagle Theory of Metaphysical Phenomena”. Regeneration and transformation of regional forests begins in Scotland. Open war in Italy is only avoided when Pope John XXV negotiates a settlement between the corporations and the sindaci (mayors). The cities of Genoa, Milan and Turin are written off as a catastrophe zone and renamed the Special Administrative Zone of Genoa-Milan-Turin (GeMiTo). (Shadows of Europe) 2037: Denver Data Haven Emotive simsense. Hello, BTL! Denver Data Haven shows up in the shadows. (Physical location: the old USAF Academy in Colorado Springs). DocWagon founded. Lofwyr announces 63% ownership of Saeder-Krupp, votes himself chairman of the board, president, and CEO. Guerilla warfare in northern California pushes Tir Tairngire back north as far as Yreka. The territory between Redding and Yreka becomes neutral ground, claimed by both sides. Wolves and bears are restored to the Scottish Wild Lands. First North American Urban Brawl championship, “Super Brawl”. 2039: Night of Rage Feb 7: Thousands of metas, friends & family, and wannabes die in global riots. New York City: 836 dead. Seattle: “Hands of Five” terrorist group firebombs the metahuman detention centier on the Tacoma docks. Feb 10: Alamos 20k destroys the Sears Tower in Chicago. St. Patricks Day: Boston, Knights of the Red Branch bomb an elven restaurant on the parade route, killing 24 and inciting a race riot that claimed hundreds more. Nadja Daviar becomes the Big D’s third interpreter. Charleston, SC: Serial killer caught and convicted on evidence obtained from a ghost. Fuchi sponsors the Universal Matrix Specifications (UMS) conference, Tokyo. A massive chemical spill kills 70,000 people in Teesside, England. 2040: Azania Southern Africa unites into Azanian Alliance, composed of the Cape Republic, Oranje-Vrystaat, Trans-Swazi Federation, and Zulu Nation. Renraku Arcology in Seattle begins construction. The Universal Brotherhood opens shop (CFS in ’42, Seattle in ’45).

Corporate Mess (2041-2050)

2041: EuroAir Flight 329 from London to Atlanta destroyed by Sirrurg Policlubs appear in Europe. Yamatetsu makes its bid for prime megorporate status, sparking light corporate war. 2042: Dunkelzahn begins semi-annual “Wyrm Talk”. Akira Watada, oyabun of the Watada-rengo, issues an ultimatum to the Korean oyabuns of Seattle. They must pledge their loyalty to the Watada rengo or suffer the consequences. Ares project: Cydonia discovers Operation Discovery crash, Veil agents engineer a hoax to cover it: The cheesy UFO photo made public 15 years later by Dunkelzahn’s Will. Liam O’Connor (President of Tir na nOg) disappears from public life. First biannual international Urban Brawl World Cup In the Papal States, Italian Confederation, Pope John XXV declares that women may now be appointed priests in the Catholic Church. (Shadows of Europe) Yamatetsu elbows its way into the Big Seven, becoming the Eighth major megacorp. 2043: Seoulpa Rings Jan: Watada-rengo assassins invade Seattle and kill the vast majority of the Seattle Yakuza’s Korean leadership. The survivors are forced to pledge loyalty to the Japanese rengo or be executed. New Japanese managers are put in place, and within a few weeks the Japanese Yakuza once again control the Seattle Yakuza. Former Korean Yakuza oyabun Park Jai Kyu begins organizing the Seoulpa Rings in Seattle with the help of his remaining contacts and followers. The concept catches fire and begins to spread through the metroplex and the rest of North America. Rhiannon Glendower becomes Countess of Snowdon. Gwynedd elves make major advances in Welsh regional parliament. The Netherlands and Flanders merge and form the United Netherlands. 2044: The oyabun Hanzo Shotozumi is appointed the oyabun of the 87th Prefecture in Seattle. He re-institutes and enforces traditional Yakuza ways and values, and begins an aggressive campaign to expand Yakuza operations in the Pacific Northwest. Olympic games are held again, the first time since 2032. Multinational teams backed by corporate interests are allowed to compete. 2045: German Alliance founded. Don Patrick Finnigan is failing to hold the line against Yakuza encroachment in the Seattle metroplex, and so the Commissione calls Don James O’Malley out of enforced retirement to resume control of Seattle operations. O’Malley is appointed Don of Seattle specifically to slow Yakuza growth in the metroplex. He, his wife, and his 15-year-old daughter Rowena move to Seattle. The Seoulpa Rings start making a name for themselves in the Seattle underworld as their operations expand; they begin to encroach on the markets of the other syndicates. 2045-2047: Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua are accepted into the Aztlaner republic. 2046: the Lost Election A team of rogue deckers erases the results of California’s gubernatorial election, allegedly aided by a Los Angeles street gang. The so-called Lost Election prompts the government to declare ware on the “criminal element” in Los Angeles, sending army and corporate mercenary troops to raze El Infierno. After fighting a losing battle, California’s central government declares Los Angeles a Free City. Para-VITAS outbreak in Tynesprawl (England) kills 120,000. Believed to be the work of unidentified eco-terrorists. 2047: Cyberware enters allowed in professional football and basketball 2048: Operation Reciprocity Panama admitted into Aztlan. Aztlan (Aztechnology) nationalizes all foreign businesses. Corporate Court authorizes a joint corporate military strike, “Operation Reciprocity”, against Aztechnology. Veracruz Settlement: Aztechnology pays reparations. Panama canal becomes a Pan-Corporate Zone under the Corporate Court. Colbert Group CEO Alan Adams is elected president of the UCAS. 2049: Renraku develops first Semi-Autonomous Knowbot (SK). Aztlan and Amazonia squabble over Colombia and Venezuela. 2050: Seventh-gen cyberdeck (keyboard size).

Welcome To Our World (2051-2060) Edit

2052: Technology curve 2XS, BTL with a kick. Bioware hits the public market. Seattle-Tir Tairngire trade agreement, by which Seattle becomes Tir Tairngire’s major port. UCAS Pres Adams died after re-election, VP Thomas Steele takes the Big Chair. 2053: A new Great Dragon. Hestaby takes possession of Shasta Dam and surrounding territory in Northern California, repelling a Tir Tairngire attack. Publication of Anchoring theorems. Proteus corp completes two arkoblocks (offshore Arcologies) in Japan. 2054: Atlantis tentative discovery of Atlantis (Thera) 150 miles off Crete. Tir Tairngire locks down Crater Lake. 2055: The UB (Universal Brotherhood) Acting on ‘tips’ from Ares, the UCAS FBI discovers that insect spirits control the UB and shut it down, but without making the reasons public. Cover story of financial corruption. Other nations take similar steps, and the UB is completely shut down by ’56. Ares assists in destructive raids against local hives, which are reported as widespread incidents of “unmotivated terrorist violence” against the Universal Brotherhood. Aug 22: A Knight Errant Firewatch team attack what may be the largest insect hive in North America. It does not have the anticipated effect. A swarm of bug spirits spills out of the hive to infest the city of Chicago. Aug 23: The UCAS government sets up the Chicago Containment Zone, isolating most of the population of Chicago behind UCAS Army barricades. Those trapped include the Chicago Mafia, as well as the Chicago branches of the other major syndicates. The Mafia loses contact with the Don of Chicago and the Commissione believes him dead. It transfers control of Chicago operations to Don Leo McCaskill of Milwaukee, a former lieutenant of James O’Malley. Chicago Containment Zone is explained to the public as securing against a virulent outbreak of VITAS. Early October: The remains of the Knight Errant Firewatch team inside the Chicago Containment Zone detonate a subtactical thermonuclear warhead inside the new core hive. The blast and radiation effects are much lower than expected, but knock virtually all the insect spirits in Chicago into torpor.

And It Came to Pass

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